Our Beers

We're bringing local closer to home

Black Is Beautiful

Black Is Beautiful

A Carolina Coffee Stout collaboration with Hex Coffee and Weathered Souls Brewing

7.8% ABV
Camp Beer

Camp Beer

A Carolina Light Lager

4% ABV
Jenny Bought A Farm

Jenny Bought A Farm

A Carolina Classic Saison

6.9% ABV
Love Letters

Love Letters

A Carolina Hazy Double IPA

8% ABV


A Carolina Rice Lager

4.7% ABV
You Don’t Know How I Feel

You Don’t Know How I Feel

A Carolina Red IPA

6.5% ABV
Common Home

Common Home

A Carolina Common Ale

4.5% ABV
Cream of the Crop

Cream of the Crop

A Carolina Cream Ale.

5% ABV
Super Fancy

Super Fancy

A Carolina Malt Liquor

8.8% ABV
Therapy Session

Therapy Session

A Carolina Hazy IPA

5.3% ABV
Jenny Sippin Chardonnay

Jenny Sippin Chardonnay

A Carolina Sour w/ Chardonnay Juice

7% ABV
Tiny Bubbles

Tiny Bubbles

An Appalachian Saison w/ Chamomile.

3.6% ABV
A Big F.H.

A Big F.H.

An Imperial Carolina Brown Ale w/ Maple Syrup.

10% ABV
Barracuda Bill’s

Barracuda Bill’s

A Carolina Pseudo-Pilsner, a.k.a. A Boat Beer. A collab w/ Hello, Sailor.

4.8% ABV

Today you can brew most any style craft beer from anywhere, which is great, but it lacks a certain ingenuity and practicality that brewers once had to rely on. Free Range Brewing wants to recapture this artful way of brewing. We frequently feature local ingredients. Whether it be from a nearby farm or local delicacy, we want to showcase and celebrate the great things around us. We will rotate our taps with ever-changing creations, so there should always be something new to try.

Our Story

Brewed & raised in north Carolina

Free Range Brewing is the labor of love from brothers, Jeff and Jason Alexander. Raised in Eastern North Carolina, they’re definitely cut from the same cloth, but with distinctly different personalities. The Free Range Brewing story is really just beginning and they welcome you to come be a part of it.

Our Partners

We make beer with a little help from our friends

There are so many people in and around Charlotte doing great things and we want to partner with them when we can. Whether it’s sourcing an ingredient, featuring an artist, supporting a cause or doing a full-on beer collaboration, it’s important to foster connections within the community.

Our Brewery

Making a responsible space


Reclaiming History

In such a disposable world, it’s easy to lose track of the past. We’ve done our best to hold onto some useful and valuable pieces of history that were just too special to throw away. From wood to steel, we’ve reclaimed and reimagined pieces and parts you can find all over the brewery.


Gathering Family

Family is important to us, so having a space that could accommodate a variety of gatherings and events was important. If you are interested in reserving an area or the entire brewery, don’t hesitate to contact us and we can see how we can accommodate you.


Finding Creativity

We pride ourselves on creative beer, but we all need inspiration. That’s why you’ll aways find local art on display around the brewery. We want Free Range to be a connection point for our customers and the great talent that’s in our community.


Cultivating Community

We like to put a face to a name and find passion behind the producers and products. Our collaborations and partnerships with local farmers, chefs and businesses aren’t just to make better beer, but to build a better community.

Stop by and have a beer

Our taps are always rotating with new things to try. Check our events to see about the food and music that will be on hand. Bring your friends and your family, and definitely bring an open mind.


When we're open

  • Sunday • 12PM-8PM
  • Monday • 4PM-10PM
  • Tuesday • 4PM-10PM
  • Wednesday • 4PM-10PM
  • Thursday • 4PM-10PM
  • Friday • 12PM-10PM
  • Saturday • 12PM-10PM

Visit Us in Noda

2320 N Davidson St.

Charlotte, NC


  • Where can we find your beer?

    Most of our beer stays at the brewery…we love sharing it with you fine folks, face to face! The little bit that sneaks out can be found at some of Charlotte’s finest spots for food, beer and community. Ever-rotating selections can (sometimes) be found at… Heirloom Restaurant, Hello, Sailor, Kindred, Buxton Hall BBQ, Sam Jones BBQ, Fullsteam Brewery, Fonta Flora Brewery, Salud Beer Shop & Cerveceria, Pure Pizza, Bodega, Rhino Market, Neighborhood Theater, Brawley’s Beverage, Abari, Whitewater Center and Red Clay Ciderworks.

  • What are your flagship beers?

    No flagship beers here! We like to change things up quite a bit. Beers will come and go and some may come back. The goal is to have something new to try most every time you visit.

  • Do you guys have growlers?

    Now serving growlers! And when we say growlers, we mean big ol’ 32 ounce cans. Come on and get your Free Range to go!

  • Can I bring kids?

    Yes! Free Range Brewing is family friendly. As beer lovers and parents of young children, we know it’s not easy to find a place to go and enjoy some peaceful adult time. To help, we created a small kids’ area with a variety of materials that promote quiet, creative and contemplative play. Feel free to use our magnetic chalkboard, board games, books and art supplies to help keep your child, and maybe even your adult, entertained.

  • Can I bring my dog?

    We do allow dogs at Free Range, but we ask that they stay outside on the porch or in the back gathering space. Please keep your well-mannered pup on a leash.

  • Do you host events?

    We absolutely do! We love hosting all sorts of events, and do it pretty well, if we do say so ourselves! We’re open to anything so please reach out with your next big idea. For more info, email us at: events@freerangebrewing.com

  • Do you host live music?

    Yes we do! We have recently partnered with our good friends at Maxx Music to offer more regular and accomplished touring performers. We also host live music every Sunday afternoon. For booking, please contact: music@freerangebrewing.com