Our Beers

We're bringing local closer to home

Spruce Tonic

Spruce Tonic

Carolina Foraged Gruit

6.3% ABV
Therapy Session

Therapy Session

A Carolina Hazy IPA

5.3% ABV
We Knead Each Other

We Knead Each Other

A Carolina Wild Sourdough Ale

4.8% ABV
Cream of the Crop

Cream of the Crop

A Carolina Cream Ale.

5% ABV
Barracuda Bill’s

Barracuda Bill’s

A Carolina Pseudo-Pilsner, a.k.a. A Boat Beer. A collab w/ Hello, Sailor.

4.8% ABV
Jenny Bought A Farm

Jenny Bought A Farm

A Carolina Classic Saison

5.5% ABV
You Know What Makes Me FEEL GOOD – Galaxy

You Know What Makes Me FEEL GOOD – Galaxy

A Carolina Double IPA - Single Hop w/ Galaxy

8% ABV
Sea of Companions

Sea of Companions

A Carolina Oyster Stout w/ Shellem's NC Wild Oysters

8.3% ABV
She May

She May

A Carolina Beer de Meil

13.1% ABV

When we opened Free Range Brewing in 2015, we made a decision to not just focus on making tasty and delicious beer, but to foster relationships and community by way of the many intricate decisions we can make each day. These decisions range from the locally sourced ingredients we use in our beer; giving our spent grain to farmers for feed, composting additional waste and hosting as a composting site for staff and neighbors; who we partner with and how we engage our space and the community. Every beer we make begins with a commitment to sourcing local and building relationships at every level and opportunity possible. All of our beers average 95% locally sourced ingredients.

Our Story

Brewed & raised in north Carolina

Free Range Brewing is a labor of love from family members, Jason, Jeff, and Sarah Alexander. Raised in North Carolina, they each have imparted their distinct personalities and talents toward the family-run brewery.  Free Range Brewing believes it is important to foster creativity while building a strong community foundation. Whether it’s sourcing an ingredient, featuring an artist, supporting a cause or doing a full-on beer collaboration, it’s important to cultivate connections within the community.

Our Partners

We make beer with a little help from our friends

 Our collaborations and partnerships with local farmers, chefs, artists and businesses aren’t just to make better beer, but to build a better community.

Our Brewery

Making a responsible space


Reclaiming History

In such a disposable world, it’s easy to lose track of the past. We’ve done our best to hold onto some useful and valuable pieces of history that were just too special to throw away. From wood to steel, we’ve reclaimed and reimagined pieces and parts you can find all over the brewery.


Gathering Family

Family is important to us, so having a space that could accommodate a variety of gatherings and events was important. If you are interested in reserving an area or the entire brewery, don’t hesitate to contact us and we can see how we can accommodate you.


Finding Creativity

We pride ourselves on creative beer, but we all need inspiration. That’s why you’ll aways find local art on display around the brewery. Free Range Brewing is a connection point for our customers and the great talent that’s in our community.


Cultivating Community

We like to put a face to a name and find passion behind the producers and products. Our collaborations and partnerships with local farmers, chefs and businesses aren’t just to make better beer, but to build a better community.

Stop by and have a beer


Come visit us in our original space, where we brew the beer and have plenty of indoor space for roaming and hosting events!
Free Range Brewing – 2320 N. Davidson St.

Come visit us in our BAR at Camp North End. Our inside space is intimate and features our beer, along with TONS of other beverages we know you’ll love. With a wide selection of beer, wine, spritzers, seltzers and N/A beverages, you are certain to find the right beverage for you! Camp North End features 76 acres of land, including multiple areas to rest and relax, food to eat, and shops to explore. Come visit and walk around the 76 acres with your drink to explore Camp North End!
Free Range Bar – 301 Camp Rd


When we're open

  • Sunday • Brewery 11AM-8PM | Bar 11AM-5PM
  • Monday • Brewery 4PM-10PM | Bar closed
  • Tuesday • Brewery 4PM-10PM | Bar closed
  • Wednesday • Brewery 4PM-10PM | Bar closed
  • Thursday • Brewery 4PM-10PM | Bar 4PM-10PM
  • Friday • Brewery 12PM-11PM | Bar 12PM-10PM
  • Saturday • Brewery 11AM-11PM | Bar 11AM-10PM

Visit Us in Noda

2320 N. Davidson Street

Charlotte, NC


  • Where can we find your beer?

    Most of our beer stays at the brewery…we love sharing it with you folx face to face! The beer that sneaks out can be found at some of Charlotte’s finest spots for food, beer and community.

  • What are you known for?

    Local ingredients! Every beer we make begins with a commitment to sourcing local and building relationships at every level and opportunity possible. All of our beers average 95% locally sourced ingredients. We work closely with farmers that can bring us fresh ingredients and which navigate what beer might be made each day. Each brew we make is unique and tells a story about what is growing around us or who we are collaborating with that day.

  • Do you have beer to-go?

    Plenty! You can find cans to-go at both locations.

  • Do you have food?

    We have all sorts of tasty snacks to grub on while drinking your brews! You’re welcome to bring in any outside food to enjoy as well. We also have lots of tasty POP UP’s throughout the week, so keep a lookout!

  • Can I bring my dog?

    Sure! We love well behaved pups, but we do ask that they stay on leashes and out of high traffic areas.

  • Do you host events?

    We absolutely do! We love hosting all sorts of events, and do it pretty well, if we do say so ourselves! We’re open to anything so please reach out with your next big idea. For more info, email us at: events@freerangebrewing.com

  • Do you host live music?

    Yes we do! We regularly host live music every Sunday afternoon 3pm-5pm with a rotating cast of amazing local artists. For booking, please contact: info@freerangebrewing.com